Saturday, October 17, 2009


I don't even know what to say, but after months of hard work, prayer, and encouragement from so many the site is up !!!!! We are still missing some products because our screener is changing companies and of course satan is doing his best to throw roadblocks in the way, but PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS ... We are so honored to be called to this project ... BRINGING AWARENESS TO THE ORPHAN CRISIS, HELPING FEED THE KAROMAJONG TRIBE WITH KATIE, AND HELPING ADOPTIVE FAMILIES RAISE FUNDS !!!!  So grab the button and put it on your blog, have an email party and tell all your friends ... ALL PRODUCTS SHOULD BE PICTURED BY NOV. 1ST ... Last shipment of necklaces came in today from Uganda, so get them while they last !!!!

Let's FEED THE ENTIRE KAROMAJONG Tribe in Uganda this year w/ our Christmas Purchases !!!! 


  1. I ordered a necklace last week, and there is no hurry, but I just wanted to make sure you got the order. No pressure, but since I didn't see them on the site anymore it made me a little nervous. My name is Dina Watson and my email is

    Thank you so much!

  2. magnets and bracelets...AHHHH I can't wait!!!



  3. I'm reading a Hole in our Gospel and this is a quote from Saint Teresa of Avila:

    Christ has no body on earth but yours,
    no hands but yours,
    no feet but yours.
    Yours are the eyes through which
    Christ's compassion for the world is to look out:
    yours are the feet with which He is to go about doing good;
    and yours are the hands with which He is to bless us now.

    We, each need to rise up and feed the Karomajong and be Jesus' hands & feet; I would be so humbled.

  4. I have plans to place a bunch of things on my Christmas list and to buy lots of Christmas gifts to others. Can't wait! Bring on the shopping!

  5. I just got my necklace. I LOVE it! I love the story and the meaning behind it even more. I'm going to post a picture of it on my blog with a link to your site. I pray you'll be able to raise loads of money. Thank you!

  6. I . . CAN'T . . WAIT! Get ready FB friends.
    ps I'm waiting on "Hole in the Gospel" to arrive.
    Christmas will never be the same.

  7. congrats! what a wonderful thing. someday I hope to be raising money to add a child to my little family...can you tell me who sings the song on your home page? I've been searching online and can't find it. thank you (ordered a necklace and clutch would love the bag...someday...)

  8. Awesome stuff girls! Love my new shirt! check it out:

    We'll be ordering more items for Christmas gifts too! I've had people look at the back of my new shirt and when I explain if orphan was a country the response is only one word: "wow....." People definitely need to be enlightened, thanks for all you do!

  9. I LOVE your hearts and your mission. I am starting an orphan care ministry that works to get young people connected and involved on orphan care. Our website is being launched on Orphan Sunday and if you don't mind I'm going to add your website to our list of ways teens can impact the world with what they buy.
    (P.S. My parents bought me one of Katie's necklaces at the T4A conference and I love, love, love it. :)

  10. I'm looking for the products, but I can't find them anymore, not even on
    Is there a new store/product page?

  11. Love what you guys are doing! Very Inspirational! God Bless you!

  12. Congratulations!!Our names are Adam and Amber Stutzman and we live in Silverton, Oregon.
    Our family has been in the process of adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia for the past year and are getting very close. We are going through the agency All God's Children International out of Portland.
    It has been a long, hard and expensive road requiring a lot of patience. We are officially number 23 on the waitlist to receive our child, and have over the past year, done many fundraisers in order to raise the needed $25,000 to adopt her. After all the hard work, we will finally be traveling to pick her up sometime early this summer. We are going to be ending our fundraisings with a Silent Auction and Dessert Night at our church, Emmanuel Bible in Pratum, on April 22nd.
    We are trying to find auction items and were wondering if you would consider donating one of your adoption items, or anything at all for the auction... ..If you can't we totally understand- but thank you for considering us-and take care!
    Please feel free to visit our adoption blog page, where we try to keep everyone posted on all the events which we have been going through, and what our latest waitlist number is. The blog page can be found at………
    Thank you again and God Bless,

    Adam & Amber Stutzman
    404 Charles Ave.
    Silverton OR 97381
    Jacob 11, Cassidy&Zachary 8, Noah 6, Logan 4
    & Baby “Abigail” from Ethiopia coming SOON!!!

  13. What a passion you have! Children are our future generation, we must love and care for them.
    I do work to feed children, too. They want to know we care!

  14. Every Christmas gift for all of my relatives are coming from your site! Thanks so much for providing such a cute way to spread the word and help feed an orphan!

  15. scott :) i love what you do it is so amazing .- tanessa <3 see you in church sunday im ready to enjoy your preaching :)